Client Testimonials


Silinipress is a company very equiped with hot stamping machinery. One of the strengths is having a very well stocked warehouse and therefore always being able to satisfy the Customer request at market                              prices.

Giorgio Rivetto


We’ve been working with Silini press since ever, we have bought presses and hammers that are installed in our plants, Sumirago and Vercelli. We are always in contact and they have always been ready to assist in case of breackdown or spare part needed. We think they are a valid supplier in our work and we will always rely in their efficency

Alberto Pozzi

Opportunity to buy 2 revamped hammers

We bought 2 hammers last year and these are perfectly funcioning, logistics has been smooth and no issue occured during the operations, we are very happy to have met this supplier its a valid partner for                             forging equipment…..

Sébastien Fassot

Hot forging equipment supply

More than you expected! I was looking for a maxi press and Silini has a huge stock and assistance either in tehcnical issue either in logistics! A great partner!

Marcus Liao

International Logistic Services

As official freight forwarder of Silini Press during our long relationship I had the pleasure to win important challenges delivering all around the world a variety of machines, following specific needs of the final receiver. Great communication and professional relationship.

Dario Coata

Forging Company

I believe that Silini Press and Hammer Trade S.r.l is creating our wealth. This is our greatest opportunity. It’s incredible Italian company.


Professional Best Press Supplier In Europe

Silini press from Italy is the best Press supplier from Europe. I have experienced since 2016 supplying us a good second hand press and other equipment’s for our forging business and recently we are buying big forging press which is in very Good condition.
Patrizia & Francesca two Iron Lady coordinate the business very well.
With the important word in business called TRUST nowadays we prefer to have video inspection and post results are also satisfied.


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